Friday, February 26, 2010

First Snow

It's been a pretty mild winter thus far, so when Collin got home, all of the snow had melted off the lawn. A few days ago, we had a little storm. I was curious about what Collin's reaction would be to the cold white stuff. At first I took him to the window and let him watch the snow fall for a few minutes. Apparently that wasn't enough to satisfy his inquisitive nature as he started smacking the window and yelling/pointing outside. So, we bundled him up and took him out for a closer look.
He was definitely fascinated.

I showed him how to catch a snowflake on his hand, but he couldn't seem to figure out why it was gone by the time he got it to his mouth.

He seemed to be having a great time. Right up until he looked up to see where the snow was coming from and flakes started falling into his eyes and on his throat.
That's when he realized that this stuff is COLD! Hey buddy, just wait for about 10 years when you have to help mommy shovel it!


Jason and Kristin said...

Just so stinking cute. Good luck next week!

Bambi and Adam said...

So handsome ! Great pics :)

David and Candice said...

What a cutie!-Candice