Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

Tonight, I'm feeling a bit like a pin cushion. My sweet friends, Lori and Brent, are headed back to Haiti to visit their kids and this time, they invited me to come along. Before I get to embark on this little adventure however, I need to get caught up on a few vaccinations. Apparently that's a pretty big thing in 3rd world countries. :) So, one little visit(and a couple of little needle pokes that DEFINITELY got my attention)to the Health Department later, I am now 1 Hepatitis A/B and 1 MMR vaccine closer to being ready to cuddle a whole bunch of sweet little ones! Bring on the Typhoid and Malaria pills! (Trust me, it was just as strange for me to type it as it was for you to read it!!)

And a special thanks to the cute little medical assistant that tried to distract me before the poking began. It didn't work, but I truly appreciate the effort!