Friday, May 18, 2012

Chip & Dale, Rescue Rangers?

Once upon a time, many, MANY years ago, that was the name of a cartoon starring the chipmunks.  Fast forward more years than I care to count, and it is now the, never to be swayed, opinion of my son.  Nate was totally excited to go to the Bug's Life movie exhibit inside California Adventure.  I figured, it's a movie about bugs in Disneyland, how scary can it be?  My child does not do bug.  And when I say he doesn't do bugs, I mean he DOES. NOT. DO. BUGS. At all.  The sight of a fly sends him scurrying into the next room.  I was, unknowingly, about to take that fear to a whole new level.  You see, the Bug's Life movie is in 3-D.  Thirty seconds in, an ENORMOUS (according to Collin) spider sneezed (I think, the details are a bit fuzzy) sending what looked like a gazillion eyeballs (again, details are fuzzy) flying right at us, and my sweet little boy screamed in terror at a pitch I have only heard once before, (his first night home from Haiti when Tucker came charging toward him) did I mention, we were in the front row?  Being the awesome mom that I am, I scooped him up and bolted for the nearest exit.  While we were in the hallway, trying to concentrate on breathing normally, I heard a door to the left of me open and in bounded (literally) these two.
Chip took one look at the hat Collin was wearing along with the tears streaming down his face, and being the astute little chipmunk he is, correctly assessed that something traumatic just happened.  He quickly grabbed Collin's arm, which I happened to be holding at the time, along with the rest of him, and pulled outside to where he and Dale would be signing autographs.  They made sure he was at the front of the line, and before too long, managed to get him laughing again.  If you ask Collin what happened, he'll tell you that Chip and Dale rescued him from the creepy Bug's Life.  I apparently had nothing to do with it.  Impeccable timing Rescue Ranger, I owe you one!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Friends

I know, I know, it's been two months and I'm STILL posting about Disneyland... But you'll be glad I did when you see this...  There came a point  in our trip, about an hour after we entered the park, when Collin pretty much thought that he'd stepped INTO the Disney Channel.  He couldn't have been happier.  See for yourself.

The end result was one, very tired, very happy little boy with a bunch of new friends that he still talks about two months later.