Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Handyman In Training

Here's a helpful hint, in case you need it. If you can fill up the sink, release the drain, go to the kitchen, empty the dishwasher and make it back to the bathroom before it's completely drained...it's time to call a plumber. I don't have a plumber, but I do have Collin's uncle Jed.

And uncle Jed has a hanger. Uncle Jed knows everything about all sorts of stuff. Plumbing included. Collin wanted to help.

Did I mention that uncle Jed is incredibly patient?

I mean INCREDIBLY patient?

To be completely honest, I totally know how to clear out the drain myself, don't tell Jed. But seriously? Even I have to draw the line at pulling something that looks like a drowned mouse out of the drain. ICKY!!

It didn't seem to hold Collin's attention for long either. Go figure. Thanks for rescuing us yet again uncle Jed! We love you!