Thursday, October 30, 2008

Does this make me a bad influence?

Last weekend was our annual family pumpkin party. Now, because I don't have any children, (or husband, or significant other, or prospects of a significant other, but I digress...) my role at this event is relatively simple. Help make the chicken wings and lend a hand, or spoon as the case may be, to any small child who may be in need. This time, Logan was in need. The following is a conversation we had while we were both up to our elbows in pumpkin guts.

Logan: T.T. (that's what he calls me) what's that?
Me: It's a pumpkin
Logan: Can I eat it?
Me: Are you sure you want to?
Logan: Yep, it looks yummy.
(I couldn't resist. I cut off a bit of pumpkin and handed it to him.)
Me: What do you think?
Logan: (Looking around frantically for a place to spit it out) It's yummy.
Me: Are you sure?
Logan: Yep, yummy.
Me & by now his mommy, both trying to talk while laughing hysterically: Do you want to spit it out?
Logan: Umm, yep...

Not to be outdone, his older brother Jaxson, put a little in his own mouth too. What have I done??

In the end, it was only fair that Aunt T.T. had a bit too... Yummy!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peer Pressure...

I used to be good at withstanding peer pressure, but now... I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! Therefore, I created a blog. So to my good friend Kristin, and anyone else who has nothing better to do than follow my oh-so-exciting life, I dedicate this first post to you!