Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can't Help But Smile At This Crocodile

This summer we started swimming lessons. The beginning class is called Guppies and is designed to help new swimmers get comfortable with the water. Collin LOVES being wet so I didn't think we would have any issues. You'd think by now I'd learn... Day one, three kids in the class, the teacher is taking each one for a "swim", the other two are supposed to sit on the first step in the pool and wait their turn. Easy enough right? Collin went first...

And I'm pretty sure that's where we lost control...

While it was Easton's turn, Collin decided it was too cold to wait on the top step and spent the rest of the class like this:

On the upside, he did learn some new skills, like crawling along the side of the pool,

and holding his breath under water, which he is disturbingly good at,


But his all time fav? Doing the back float with his teacher Spencer.

Thirty more seconds and I'm pretty sure he would have been asleep!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If You Chance To Meet A Frown

The other day, Collin had a play date with Nate, and of course, as cute as they both are, Lori couldn't resist staging an impromptu photo shoot. The next day, I was having really tough day at work. That afternoon I got an email from her, the subject line said "You're Welcome". When I opened it, I found this:

Little boy, you can make me giggle through just about anything! (Thanks Lolo!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now Why Didn't I Think Of That?

The other night, we were treated to a pretty impressive thunder and lightening storm. I'd put Collin to bed already and was watching the storm from the front window of my house. I noticed a several of the neighbors outside watching from the relative "dryness" of their covered porches, which, incidentally, I don't have. But porch or no porch, it looked like fun. So I grabbed a still wide awake Collin, blanket and all, and headed to...the garage (I'm not completely insane, it was lightening for crying out loud). We cuddled together in a camp chair and watched the rain come down.

I was trying not to get all teary eyed with visions of all the flowers I'd just planted floating down the street, when a very bright, very close bolt of lightening got my immediate attention. Collin is still not a big fan of loud noises, and figuring lightening that close was going to be accompanied by a VERY LOUD clap of thunder, I was already gathering up my sleepy baby, and the Mickey Mouse blankie in an effort to get inside before "it" hit. That is, until Collin looked up at me with a big grin on his face and said "Yook mommy, the 'under is taking our picture, say cheese!".

Now I've heard thunder and lightening described to little ones in several ways, angels bowling, angels having a square dance (yeah, I don't really get it either...), the lightening asking a question and the thunder answering, but a Celestial photo-shoot? Only in the eyes of one hilarious baby boy.

And for the record? We did spend the next few minutes "posing" for the camera, and I'll bet the next time you see lightening, somewhere in the back of your mind, you will too! :)