Monday, December 14, 2009

New Friends

Friends, I'd like you to meet my new friend Ralph. Ralph is 6 years old and lives in Haiti. I have the opportunity to help Ralph go to school through an organization a friend of mine started called Haitian Roots. This last trip I was fortunate enough to meet Ralph.

As you can see, Ralph would prefer to be ANYWHERE else. I couldn't really blame him. After all, he had no idea who this tall white woman was, and why in the world should he look he look happy about having to take his picture with her? He doesn't speak any English, so our good friend Harry played translator. Harry told me that Ralph loves school. I think he told me his favorite subject was math, but they were talking pretty fast, I had a hard time keeping up. He also likes to read and color. I also learned that Ralph has two older brothers. Oops, I only brought two cars...

This is Ralph's mom. (I think the man behind her is Pierre, he's trying to get Collin to smile. Didn't happen. He just wanted the cars.) Ralph's mom was kind enough to bring him all the way down to the hotel so I could meet him. No small feat when you consider what they had to go through to get there.

The next night, Chareyl came to find me. Ralph's dad had made his way to the hotel to sign some paperwork and had asked to meet me. I was thrilled. He was so appreciative and so humble. After I left, he left a special message with my friend Brent. He asked him to tell me how grateful they were that someone else cared about Ralph and his education. Then he asked Brent to be sure that I knew that, while what I was doing was definitely helping Ralph, my life would also be blessed by helping someone in need. Right you are, my new friend, right you are! Funny how that works, isn't it?

P.S. If you're interested in sponsoring a child through Haitian Roots, you can visit their website at The cost is only $250.00 per year. It provides needy kids with school supplies, uniforms, books and most of all hope for a better life. Remember Ralph, you promised me all A's in school. I'll be back to check on you...with my camera in tow!


Pete and Mare said...

Awesome Tia! What a sweet little boy and dad. So wonderful that you are helping educate a sweet little boy and help keep a family in Haiti united!

Bambi and Adam said...

What a blessing to get to meet the little boy & his family :)

Jason and Kristin said...

Goodness gracious Tia, your gunna get translated on us with all your good deeds! Good for you!