Saturday, January 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Did you know that if you leave your camera sitting on a nearby table on Christmas Eve, Santa will take a picture before he leaves? True story.

This was our second Christmas together, and this year, Collin had a much better idea of what was about to happen. Or so he thought...

I call this Collin's "Wow that Santa knows me inside and out!" look... :)

Collin LOVES anything that allows him to jump in the air and throw a ball. Of course, Santa knew that. (And how to assemble it all alone, at midnight, on Christmas Eve. Just sayin'...)

And of course, it couldn't be any sort of a celebration with out our new friend Thomas adding a couple of more "friends" to his station. (Seriously, how many friends does a talking train have to have?)
And after all of the "projects" that went on at our house over the past year, Santa knew Collin had to have his own little workbench. Otherwise, he might fall behind in the home repairs.

And what is Christmas without a crazy snow hat and mittens? Especially if our favorite Grandma has stuffed money inside?
So far, I've only been reminded about 67 times since, that we have to be good so Santa will come down our chimney after we're asleep. (And after he builds us a chimney, cuz we don't actually HAVE one...) We hope your Christmas was filled with just as much joy and laughter!

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Christina Updike said...

Cute cute mamma and son!! I love the last picture of you two together! I have missed your - but it is so nice to keep somewhat in touch with blogs! Hope you are doing fantastic!