Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandma Great

This is Collin's Grandma Great (and Grandpa Great whom we miss terribly).

We love grandma. She's awfully spunky. Last year for Memorial Day, Grandma asked my sister and I to take some beautiful floral sprays to the graves of Grandpa Great, his mother and her parents. Grandma lost half of her foot a few years ago and it's hard for her to get around. We told her we'd be happy to, but I didn't know where Grandpa's mom was buried. She's been gone for a long time now and although I did go to her funeral, I've only been able to find the cemetery again once, and that was completely by accident and I had no idea where inside the cemetery Great Great Grandma was buried. Grandma said "No, problem, I'll draw you a map". Sounds like a great idea right?

Grandma wasn't home at the time we went to pick up the map, so she didn't get to hear Toria and I both laughing hysterically when we picked it up. If you look closely, the map has three little circles that are meant to represent pine trees. It says "pine, pine, pine...Grandma". Told you she was spunky! What we didn't know was that Grandma hadn't been to the cemetery in years either and three pines she thought were the "only" pines on the property, had now been joined by about 250 of their closest tree friends. I could be rounding up, but only slightly. It took just over an hour of walking up and down rows, flower spray and two year old, in arms, to find the right headstone. There may have been a happy dance or two when we finally found it. Now we'll never forget.
What Grandma didn't know was that Toria and I should never be trusted to deliver flowers unsupervised. The sprays were absolutely gorgeous when we picked them up. Then they were released into our care. On a hot Saturday. With a 2 year old in the back seat. And nothing to tie them down with. Oh the horror those flowers were forced to endure... (and me too, since I was the one cleaning it all out of the car for the next 2 weeks).
It might actually be a good thing Grandma couldn't get around well that year. And that she doesn't own a computer, so she can't read this blog...

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